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Research Group


Research Group

Research group A01: Elucidation of ubiquitin functions by chemo-technologies

Regulation of protein degradation using chemo-technologies

Shigeo Murata

Shigeo Murata. MD, PhD

The University of Tokyo, Graduate School of Pharmaceutical Sciences

Koji Yaman

Koji Yamano, PhD

Department of Biomolecular Pathogenesis, Medical Research Institute, Tokyo Medical and Dental University
Associate Professor

Proteasomes and autophagy are the main degradation systems in eukaryotic cells and play a central role in the dynamic metabolism of proteins and organelles that support vital activities. In both degradation systems, ubiquitin modification and its receptor molecules play an essential role in selecting a target to be degraded. This study focuses on proteolysis and organelle degradation, one of the primary roles of ubiquitin, and uses compounds and membrane-permeable peptides capable of timely losing specific protein-protein interactions. We aim to elucidate a new understanding of substrate selectivity and regulatory mechanism for intracellular degradation that are hard to be solved by gene manipulation. Furthermore, we aim to create chimeric compounds that directly link both degradation systems and degradation targets and aim to establish a methodology for directly and selectively inducing protein degradation without involving ubiquitination.



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    Highlighted in Cell Res
    Faculty Opinions
  12. Waku T, Nakamura N, Koji M, Watanabe H, Katoh H, Tatsumi C, Tamura N, Hatanaka A, Hirose S, Katayama H, Tani M, Kubo Y, Hamazaki J, Hamakubo T, Watanabe A, Murata S, Kobayashi A.
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Former Publications

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