Programed Research Projects


A01 Cellular, Physiological, and Pathological Roles of the Ubiquitin Conjugation System

The linear polyubiquitin chain: its selective generation and physiological roles

Principal investigator: Kazuhiro Iwai
(Professor, Graduate School of Medicine, Kyoto University)

Regulation of endocytosis and lysosomal traffic by the ubiquitin conjugation system

Principal investigator: Masayuki Komada
(Professor, Institute of Innovative Research, Tokyo Institute of Technology)

Co-investigator: Satoshi Ishido
(Professor, Faculty of Pharmaceutical Sciences, Showa Pharmaceutical University)

Regulation of transcription system through the ubiquitin code

Principal investigator: Fumiaki Ohtake
(Research Fellow, Division of Toxicology, National Institute of Health Sciences)

Regulation of DNA repair by the K6- and K63-linked polyubiquitin chains

Principal investigator: Tomohiko Ohta
(Professor, St. Marianna University Graduate School of Medicine)

A02 Detection and Identification of Diverse Ubiquitin Conjugations in the Cell

Selective recognition mechanism of substrate by E3 ubiquitin ligase

Principal investigator: Takumi Kamura
(Professor, Graduate School of Science, Nagoya University)

Co-investigator: Shigetsugu Hatakeyama
(Professor, Graduate School of Medicine, Hokkaido University)

Mechanism of protein quality control mediated by the ubiquitin decoding system

Principal investigator: Hiroyuki Kawahara
(Professor, Graduate School of Biological Sciences, Tokyo Metropolitan University)

Developing biochemical methods to understand protein ubiquitylation

Principal investigator: Yasushi Saeki
(Associate Director, Department of Advanced Science for Biomolecules, Tokyo Metropolitan Institute of Medical Science)

Structural and biological studies of ubiquitin regulating pathway

Principal investigator: Tsunehiro Mizushima
(Professor, Graduate School of Life Science, University of Hyogo)

Co-investigator: Ryuichi Kato
(Associate Professor, Structural Biology Research Center, High Energy Accelerator Research Organization [KEK])

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